UBA Stoffliche Nutzung BiomasseUBA Material Use of Biomass

Material Use of biomass

From 2010 to 2013, Nova- Institut GmbH (coordination), the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IFEU ), the Financial Science Research Institute at the University of Cologne (FIFO) and Öko-Institut e.V. conducted the research project "Environmental innovation policy: More resources efficiency and climate protection through a sustainable use of biomass material" for the Federal Environment Agency (UBA).

Similar to the massive increase of energetic use of biomass in the last decade, lately also the interest in the use of renewable raw materials increases. The focus is on security supply and sustainability of the industry which is still largely dependent on fossil resources. In future, fossil fuels will be increasingly replaced by biogenic raw materials, i.e. by renewable carbon sources. This aims mainly at the increase of security supply while a contribution to climate protection and sustainability is made as well.

In the political debate on the use of biomass in recent years, the focus was primarily on the energy use. For these, clear expansion targets were defined and a number of policy instruments have been implemented to promote biomass use. In the field of material use of biomass, however, there are no binding targets and few support measures.

On this background the Federal Environment Agency (UBA ) supports this project. The overall objective of the project is to analyze barriers and obstacles to develop strategies and tools to support the material use of biomass to make a greater contribution to climate protection and resource conservation. Particularly important are sustainability requirements and resource efficiency to ensure that the use of biomass has a positive carbon footprint and does not contribute to new environmental impacts or exacerbate existing environmental problems.

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