Direkte / indirekte LandnutzungDirect / indirect land use

Direct / indirect landuse

Study for the EU Commission IP/A/ENVI/ST/2010-15; Brüssel: "Indirect Land Use Change and Biofuels" by Fritsche, Uwe/Wiegmann, Kirsten
PDF 60 KB (Summary in German)

August 2010: Working Paper for our project Bio-Global - Fritsche, Uwe R., Hennenberg, Klaus, Huenecke, Katja: The ?iLUC Factor? as a Means to Hedge Risks of GHG Emissions from Indirect Land Use Change; Working Paper of the project "Bio-global: Sustainability Standards for internationally traded Biomass? sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Environment through the German Federal Environment Agency; Darmstadt: Öko-Institut 2010 (in English only)
PDF 434 kB