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Elements and milestones of the development of a sound and sustainable bioenergy strategy

The project, led by the German Biomass Research Centre (DBFZ) analyzes the contribution of available and expected bioenergy technologies and concepts which are expected to provide energy. Furthermore, milestones for long-term bioenergy strategy are derived. The strategy aims to contribute to a preferably sustainable use of the limited resources and to support the entry of new, environmentally friendly and cost-efficient technologies, and to establish a framework for sustainable supply and use of bioenergy for the emerging markets. In addition to that, the transition from a largely non-renewable energy based energy system to low-carbon, renewable energy uses is targeted: Efficiency gains shall be achieved, ecological guidelines shall be observed and changes of the general conditions (in the raw material and technology availability) will be readjusted. The Institute develops a model for the calculation of the influence of food security and deals with the ecological evaluation of bio-energy.


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