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ReceBio - Study on impacts on resource efficiency of future EU demand for bioenergy

Biomass and its use for bioenergy are central in reaching towards the European Union?s target of reaching 20% of its primary energy consumption from renewable energy sources by 2020, and for ensuring sustainable energy production even thereafter.The project will investigate the interactions and impacts that can arise from an increased EU bioenergy demand and their implications for resource efficiency. The objective of this study is to understand the likely resource efficiency implications, including impacts on natural resources and on the environment, of different future trajectories of increased EU use of bioenergy for electricity and heat, under different scenarios, and including indirect impacts. The project will analyze the current situation with regard to potential biomass demand and supply (including sources and types), costs, and price formation, both in the EU and worldwide, including an analysis of potential impacts, some of which are already well documented in existing literature. Three case studies for EU regions will be carried out to make this analysis more concrete. The main part of the study will be devoted to modeling how the supply, costs, and prices of biomass will change in the future when demand for bioenergy increases. Finally, the study will assess the environmental and resource impacts of these scenarios.