Biomasse Projekt des ├ľko-InstitutsBiomass Project ?ko-Institut

Quality, not quantity - strategies and potentials for sustainable biomass use

Bioenergy can provide for electricity, heat and fuel. In Germany, biomass provides by far the largest share of supply of renewable energy. Biomass is used not only to produce energy but also for material purposes. As part of a climate protection strategy, this raises the question of whether and how much sustainably produced biomass is available and how should  the available biomass be used to make the greatest possible contribution to climate protection. These issues are currently being debated controversially in science and the public. A main reason for this controversy is that renewable resources globally compete for the same limited land resources as the cultivation of food and thus this affects food security. Under these conditions, how can we implement a strategic alignment of the biomass sector, which contributes to climate protection -  and also adequately address the complexity of global trade structures, land and production competition, food security and social sustainability?